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D66 is an internationally minded, progressive and social-liberal party. The key principles of D66 Wageningen are to trust in people’s own power and to look for custom solutions when general rules do not apply. On the 21st of March there will be elections for the Wageningen City Council. Vote for D66!

International Student? Click here to read more on how to vote.

Click here to read more about the key principles of D66.

Due to the growth of the university and the Wageningen campus the number of (PhD) students and Young Professionals is expected to increase the coming years. D66 strives for good quality and quantity of housing for young people in Wageningen. Read more about our views on housing (Dutch & English).

Education is one of main assets for the city of Wageningen and one of the key issues for D66. A good quality of education is essential for personal development. D66 wants Wageningen to have a great education climate for both children and students. Read more about our views on education (Dutch & English).

D66 wants Wageningen to go for renewable energy production and energy reduction to make the city climate neutral in 2030. We invest to improve the bike infrastructure and we want the city of Wageningen to be a living lab for climate research at the Wageningen University. Read more about our views on sustainability (Dutch & English summary).



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