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How to vote

All European Union residents, that are registered within a Dutch municipality, are entitled to vote for their own city-council elections. For the voting you need a couple of items: a voting card, which will be send to you by mail, and an ID-card or passport. On the 19th of March you go with this card and an ID to one of the many polling stations (stembureau) around Wageningen. The locations of these polling stations can be found on the back of your voting card, there will be at least one station in the Forum building and one at city hall.

When you enter one of these polling stations, there is a table with officials, you give your voting card and ID to one of these people and in return you get a ballot. You take this ballot to the voting area, in this voting area you can cast your vote. Please note that whilst voting you only colour the box of the candidate you want to vote for, any additional marking on your voting ballot makes it invalid. After voting you put your ballot in the box and you have successfully cast your vote.

Student City

Wageningen is, thanks to its university, a very diverse city with many international students, PhD-students and staff. This makes Wageningen an international city to be proud of.

Over the past few years a lot of student houses have been realized, To keep up with the growth of students in the coming years, additional accommodation needs to be built.

It’s within D66’s beliefs that café proprietors should be able to establish their own closing time. When this happens pubs and bars will close at different times and therefore reduce the nuisance.

A lot of travelling in and around Wageningen takes place by bike, to stimulate bike-usage D66 wants comfortable routes with as little obstacles as possible. With underpasses at the Nijenoord Allee, the groups of cyclists waiting for the red light will fade and the Forum will become easier accessible.

Therefore D66 wants

  • more additional housing for (PhD-) students
  • to ensure that shops and supermarkets can remain open on Sundays
  • to give café proprietors the opportunity to decide when they want to close
  • to increase the accessibility of the city centre and the campus
  • more possibilities to store your bike at the city centre and at bus stops
  • the buses to and from Ede and the trains that arrive and depart at the train station to be available at night
  • an annual multicultural festival and a celebration of the centenary of Wageningen UR in 2018
  • to guarantee that the swimming pool remains open
  • to allow small sized stores and student housing on campus
  • to motivate and support starting entrepreneurs
  • to create environmental awareness. Reward environmental friendly initiatives.

D66 in general

D66 is characterised as progressive and social-liberal party. The following  five guiding principles are testimony to that vision.

  • Trust in people’s own power
  • Think and act internationally
  • Reward performance and share wealth
  • Work toward a sustainable and harmonious society
  • Cherish our civil rights and shared values







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